Nothing tells a story better than an image. Dissent is growing around the nation as people are losing faith in our fearless leader. With his approval at an all time low, it is not only his performance which is causing anger to fester in those who he is supposed to represent. The government in totality seems to be turning a blind eye to what is so obviously disappointment in the decisions being made for the masses. Those who are meant to represent us are doing nothing but representing their own self-indulgent needs. With elections on the horizon, only time will tell if they can win back the hearts of those who put so much hope and promise into them just a few short years ago.

1. Growing concern that Obama will pick up his magic pencil and again make an executive order that goes against the will of the people, is prompting the masses across the nation to rally. Afraid that illegal immigrants will be given the right to stay, disregarding the rules of the land, is driving people to pick up signs and take to the streets. As illegal immigrant children are being bussed from state to state, we wonder when someone will do the right thing.


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