As the 2016 presidential election steadily approaches, the various thinkers and tacticians of the Republican party have begun to increasingly prepare for the political intensification that comes with every election cycle. While the Democrats seem to be going all-in with regard to their hope that Hillary Clinton will announce her candidacy for 2016, the contemporary Republican party has a wide and varied range of influential thinkers whose ideas and voices could help propel a member of the Grand Ole Party back into the Oval Office. In the wake of the impending presidential election, let’s take a closer look at 20 thinkers who are currently shaping the modern Republican Party.


Ryan speaking on how insurance companies may be affected by Obamacare, AP Photo,

Paul Ryan

After being Mitt Romney’s pick for Vice President in the 2012 presidential campaign, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is an extremely visible and popular leader within the GOP, and his fiscal ideas are proving to be increasingly influential. Ryan reached across the aisle to help negotiate and pass the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, which is set to reduce the federal deficit and fund the government through the end of 2014. Big ideas and a willingness to negotiate have positioned Ryan as one of the most prominent Republican leaders going forward.


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