Before we know it, we will once again be in the midst of a Republican presidential primary season as we steadily progress towards the 2016 national election. Though it remains to be seen which Republican voices will specifically comprise the field of 2016 presidential candidates, the Republican primaries are sure to be hotly contested. After a clear frontrunner has established themselves, the 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in order to officially nominate the GOP’s candidates for President and Vice President. With the 2016 GOP convention quickly approaching on the horizon, let’s take a closer look at 17 things to watch out for.


Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland,

Hello, Cleveland

On July 8th, 2014, the Republican National Committee finalized its decision to have Cleveland, Ohio, as the official host city of the 2016 GOP Convention. More specifically, the multi-day event will be held at the Quicken Loans Arena, which is well known for being home to the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. As the convention will be held sometime in June or July 2016, expect great summer weather to coincide with the nomination of the Republican candidate for the presidency.