Never before in history has their been so many controversies surrounding a sitting president, his administration, and his direct appointees. From the debacle in Benghazi to the “fast and furious” scandal, the list continues to grow. What is Obama’s stance on all the inconsistencies in his administration? Either he claims to have no knowledge or insists that there is absolutely, “not even a smudge of corruption”. He may be a good orator, and have a mainstream media who is unwilling to dig deeper, but there has to come a time when the chickens come home to roost, no? The truth is that either he is completely out to lunch, and no one is steering the ship, or he is the one steering us into an iceberg.

Obama’s slick overtures and failure to answer mounting inquiries into what he knew, when he knew it, and how much control he had over arising situations, have the American people frustrated at best. The mistake that he is making, which will soon lead to his downfall, is that the American people hired him, and he works for us. The continual negation that he either has no involvement in the affairs of the country or that he is not guilty of wrong-doing, isn’t going to hold much water when the chips begin to fall. A wary public is growing tired of watching our elitist President perusing the golf course while ISIS is growing to the count of millions and our citizens are succumbing to terrorist acts on foreign soil. It is leaving us all to question, if he doesn’t have a hand in what is going on, what is he doing?

The biggest problem to holding Obama accountable is the negligence of the mainstream media. Being a media “darling”, there is no one who is willing to stand up and hold his hand to the fire. When flippant answers are given, or hyperbole is used to disguise the facts, the media shakes their head in acquiescence and does nothing to verify his statements, or to have him elaborate. How many so-called “fabricated scandals” will come and go before someone stands up and demands the truth of our fearless leader?

Perhaps the media is fearful for their own future. In the wake of Obama’s rise to fame are broken careers and allegations launched at those who have opposed his policies or credibility. Those who speak out against anything that Obama stands for, or is responsible for, are quickly labeled “racist”. In an attempt to squash any adversary to his administration before it gains steam, personal attacks are hurled about the whistle-blowers long before they can get their stories heard. What journalist wants to risk their potential future by exposing Obama? History has shown that he is untouchable, so why would anyone risk their livelihood for the truth?