With election day just being less than a week away, political adds are dominating the internet and cable television. In North Carolina alone, more money is being hurled at the feud between Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican Thom Tillis than any time in history for a Senate race. Why such a frenzy to win coveted Senate seats? If the election results are in favor of the Republicans, they will have enough sitting senators on their side to send Harry Reid packing. Those who support the Republican party, and are craving change, are finally starting to see a tunnel at the end of the Democrat-ruled tunnel. Will they be able to oust the Democrat party and win a majority?


What is renewing hope that the Republicans can finally take their seat at the head of the Senate? The attempt of many Democratic candidates to run from the reputation and alliance with the President’s decisions and policies. Democrats such as Alison Grimes refuse to admit even whether she voted for Obama or not. In a debate that looked more like a grand jury trial, she refused to answer the simplest question of whether she voted for our fearless leader in 2012. Insisting that Obama has nothing to do with the race for Senate, she struggled to put distance between her and the sitting president.

No worries, the Democrats need not fear knowing whether the public understands where their allegiance falls. Obama cleared that up the other day in a press conference by stating that all the candidates were voting with him. He insisted that they were all on his side and will continue to do his bidding if re-elected. Obviously he didn’t get the memo that says, “Quiet…you aren’t helping”. Exposing the truth that a Democrat is still a Democrat no matter how they chose to market themselves, the Republicans thank Obama for his obvious arrogance.

Many who never give midterm elections a thought are considering putting their ballot in this time around. The potential to gain control of the Senate is huge for those of us who want some control over the sitting President. We have given full control over to not only him, but the likes of Harry Reid, to steer this country into disaster. Will winning the Senate have that much manipulation on what happens going forward? Perhaps not, but it is finally a win for our team.
There are problems with winning the Senate over for the Republican side, however. If the Republicans fail to make a difference, or curb Obama’s insistence on leading this country down the wrong path in the next few years, it could have potentially disastrous consequences on the next race for president in 2016. If we are ineffectual, we could risk handing over the presidency to the likes of Hillary Clinton. In a game of chess, it is difficult to know what play to put in motion. Sometimes when you get what you want, it isn’t really what you want at all.