A family sits in front of hay stacks in a hay field during harvest time.Life in the Soviet Union was full of radical differences. On one side, there were people who belonged to the Communist Party. They had all kinds of special benefits, including better homes, holiday destinations, food, etc. One couldn’t simply buy what he wanted – the social status was very dependent on the company he was working in. On the other side, there were those who didn’t belong to the Party. They had to wait in queues for basic supplies and lived in tiny apartments in bad neighborhoods.

Everybody had to follow the system. Any free activity, including art, research, starting the business (impossible!), was immediately researched by the KGB. All this lead to different opinions of people who today remember the Communist Russia. Some say it was a wonderful time when they had places to live for free and felt stable, while others remember barely surviving through a great struggle.

These pictures will give you more perspective on life in the Soviet Union.

1. Lenin Parade



Soviet citizens on parade for the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth.